Song Saturday – Love Starved week 11

The last song of the story – a happy, bubbly song for a happy ending ūüôā That’s it, the playlist is complete. I will soon post links to the whole thing compiled. But for now – enjoy Colbie Caillat and her “I Do”.

Song Saturday: Love Starved week 7

A theme of past experiences and how¬†they shape and affect our lives as well as our outlooks is a recurring one¬†throughout¬†Love Starved.¬†This song, Taylor Swift’s¬†Innocent,¬†sat in my inspiration playlist for ages, waiting for this¬†particular story to grow from the little plot bunny into something real. Now that the novel is completed, polished and ready to fly into the world, I love how perfectly this song fits.

Song Saturday: Love Starved week 5

Safe and Sound¬†is a Taylor Swift’s song, but I first heard it as a cover – this cover, by Tiffany Alvord and Megan Nicole – a couple of years ago, and I have a soft spot for this version.

Love Starved¬†is a bit of a roller-coaster – sweet moments intertwined with heartache, hurt with comfort. This is a song I had on repeat while writing one of the most emotional¬†and satisfying scenes in the book. It’s all about trust, about letting¬†someone¬†in…