Song Saturday – Love Starved week 9

This playlist is a little Adam Lambert-heavy, I admit ūüôā


Song Saturday: Love Starved week 4

If I were to choose the song that affected me most when I was writing¬†Love Starved,¬†this would be it. I’ve listened to it countless times, rewatched the music video time and again, and it still never fails to strike a chord.

Adam Lambert again.

Song Saturday: Love Starved week 3

Adam Lambert was one of a few artists I was listening to on repeat while writing Love Starved. Some of his songs influenced the plot or the mood, and the three that are on this playlist served as direct inspiration for scenes that I ended up writing (and loving every minute of it).

(It’s a fun coincidence that it’s time for the first of these three songs today, because tonight I’m going to see Queen and Adam Lambert in concert. So excited!)