Custom-made fantasy #2 (NSFW)


Angel, hi!

You don’t know me, but you did have the pleasure of meeting my buddy, Michael. He says you don’t know his last name, so not to bother, but he’s the one with a stupid tongue piercing and a tattoo of a green dragon on his ass? A funny little dude. If it doesn’t ring a bell, I can get him to write to you and confirm his identity or whatever, since I heard you only work through referrals.

Anyway, Mike here tells me you would be the best guy to contact with this: I’m completely straight, but I want to try sex with a dude. Just once, you understand. See, after some shit blowing up in my life this past year, I decided to live a little more. Or a lot more. And one way to do that is going through my bucket list, crossing things off. Trying man on man sex is one of those things.

I’m talking full-on fucking here, not some softcore shit. I wanna try everything, including butt sex, preferably both ways. I assume you’re into that?

I have the money, I will hire a hotel room and we can have some beer and go at it. Let me know when you are free. Weekends only.


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Custom-made fantasy #1


Angel sank into his couch with a steaming mug of black coffee in hand and pulled his laptop closer on the coffee table. His head felt fuzzy with too much sleep. After a busy week and two late nights at work, he’d allowed himself the luxury of sleeping in, and now it was past noon and he hadn’t even showered yet. It was a blissful feeling.

There was one new message in his work inbox, and he finished his coffee and clicked sleepily through a news portal before finally opening it. He smiled as he read through the email.

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