Custom-made fantasy #4

[This drabble is a repost from my virtual book tour stop at Molly Lolly.]



Charlotte had been Angel’s client before – they’d met once, months ago, for a fun little role-play that involved a police uniform, a pair of handcuffs and a lot of dirty talk. He remembered her as a sassy, bright woman who knew exactly what she wanted and made sure they both enjoyed every minute of it, charming and relaxing him with her playful personality when he was still so new at all this. So he smiled when he saw an email from her in his inbox – and then his grin just grew more excited the farther he read.

Dear Angel,

I don’t know if you remember me (fondly or otherwise), so I’ll just remind you of the police baton incident… Rings a bell? I bet not many of your customers make such big fools of themselves 😉

I’m writing to you because – well. Our encounter was supposed to be the one and only experience of its kind for me, despite how happy I was with it, and I’ve spent six months since telling myself to settle down and act like the mature woman I am. But you know what? Screw that. I’m single, I can afford you, and I’m turning forty in a week, so if I want to celebrate it with the best damn kinky sex I can imagine, I will. No matter how many people would roll their eyes at what I actually want.

Right, so here’s where it turns embarrassing, I think. But then again, I bet you’ve heard weirder things, and I know for a fact that you don’t judge. So here’s my confession.

I’m a huge Captain America fangirl. And I mean HUGE. I’ve seen the movies a dozen times. I’ve watched hundreds of fan videos, bought posters and fan art, read fanfiction, filled a shelf in my home office with action figures and merchandise… And yes, I fantasize about him. A lot. So?

So you probably know where this is going, right? You would be the perfect Captain, all tall and blond as you are, and with that shoulder-to-waist ratio that makes a girl’s heart flutter. Even just thinking about you dressed up as him makes me all hot and bothered. I know there are fantastic, realistic costumes available out there. (I have links. So many links). I’m 100% certain you are capable of creating a believable scene of danger and rescue. And I bet you know all the good, semi-public places for a risky little tête-à-tête afterwards.

So what do you say? Bill me whatever you deem adequate – I’ll pay for the costume and anything (or anyone) you need to create the scene, of course. I’m not asking for it to be cheap; I know quality takes money, and I want the best you have. I just want to grow old knowing that I fucked Captain America once. Consider it my mid-life crisis if you want.

I can’t be sure you accept, of course, but just in case… I’m attaching the links to the stores that sell the most realistic costumes, and my detailed schedule for the next two weeks – after we settle the payment, I don’t want to know when and where, I’ll just leave that to you. Surprise me. But I want real adrenaline, want to feel like I’m in a bit of danger, and I want a thank-you-for-saving-my-life-Captain sex in the nearest possible location, and a thrill of knowing that someone might walk in and see.

Let me know if you’re interested. I’ll be waiting with bated breath.


Angel clicked through the links, his brain already bubbling with ideas – locations and scenarios, possibilities that the assignment offered. Something this fresh and exciting didn’t happen often, and yes, of course he was going to accept Charlotte’s request.

This was going to be the best job ever.


Authors note: Custom-Made Fantasy is a little project connected with my book, “Love Starved”. Since we don’t get to see Angel’s point of view in the novel, I would like to use this column to show glimpses of his inbox – and glimpses of him as a person, too. is a real, functioning address of a fictional character. You can write to Angel if you want – I’m sure he would love to hear about your fantasies, too. But please be aware that by sending a message to this address, you’re allowing the use of it in little drabbles written for this column. I will never use real names or addresses there, just the contents. I can’t promise to use every message I get.

If you want to send a message to Angel without revealing your email address, you can use the Ask box on my tumblr. Remember to check the “anonymous” button!


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