Love Starved: let’s talk inspiration

10points4dumbledore asked:

I am waiting for your book with baited breath. What was your inspiration for Love Starved?

Thank you! (And let me tell you, seeing the words “your book” still gets my heart all fluttery…)

Let’s talk inspiration 🙂

Love Starved, like so many of my other ideas, was born from a random plot bunny that got stuck in my head and grew into something much bigger than I ever expected. In this case, what sparked the fire was a single sentence I saw somewhere on the internet, years ago: Show me what it’s like to feel loved.

“Aw, what a sweet sentiment,” I thought, and scrolled past to other shiny things.

But the little bunny was persistent. Over months and years, it kept popping up occasionally, bringing plot suggestions along:
“So, how about two young people in their first serious relationship?”
“Too vague? Okay, what if one of them has never been loved?”
“Or, you know what, let’s give one of them some bad past experiences, how about that?”
“Nothing? Really? So what would be the weirdest situation for such a request?”

It took years; the sentence sat in my inspiration folder and on my “to-write” board, the plot simmering and crystallizing somewhere on the back burner, but its time eventually came when I decided it needed an original, not fanfiction setting. I took it out, dusted it off and lovingly weaved it into a story about a disenchanted romantic, an escort who prides himself on fulfilling every fantasy, and an impossible, desperate request: Show me what it’s like to feel loved.


2 thoughts on “Love Starved: let’s talk inspiration

  1. Teach Gleek (@tchrgleek) March 12, 2015 / 3:14 am

    Gorgeous post. Phenomenal. I shall devour this book multiple times just as I have devoured your fic over the years.


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